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Huizhou China Eagle Electronic Technology InC. (stock code: 002579) was founded in 2000. Professional in R&D, production and sales of rigid circuit boards (PCB/HDI), flexible circuit boards (FPC), rigid-flex circuit boards. CEE is one key enterprise of national level torch plan in high technology field, also it is the vice-chairman of CPCA association and one of the standard model of CPCA industry.

The main subsidiaries are: Huizhou China Eagle Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd, Zhuhai Topsun Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd, Zhuhai China Eagle Electronic Circuit Co., Ltd, HongKong CEEPCB Limited.

CEE headquarters is located in Zhongkai high-tech zone, Huizhou. There are three main plants, Huizhou Zhongkai PCB industrial park, Huizhou Sandong   plant and Zhuhai topsun electronic plant. The total number of employees is about 4500. At present, Zhuhai 5G communication electronic circuit plant is being prepared to build an intelligent factory which produces a full range of PCB product,such as rigid circuit board (high multilayer board and HDI ), flexible circuit board(FPC), rigid-flexible board.

CEE constantly optimizes our industry structure by following market change, and actively aiming at the high level PCB market. Over two decade developing, based on extensive industry experience, advanced technology and efficient management teams,CEE has established a modern management system, including R&D, production,sales and service. Our products are widely applied for consumer electronic, network communication, automotive electronic, security,LED display,medical equipment, AI, IOT, AR/VR, and Drone etc.

CEE always focuses on providing high quality products and   services to customers.CEE insists on“Fair, Honest and Responsible, People oriented, Transformation and innovation”as our enterprise values,push the process of intelligent manufacturing and industry informatization,push the industry upgraded and innovation,constantly improve our products quality, expand products scales. We are aimed at to be the leading PCB supplier of electronic products and services in the world.

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Established Chengdu Zhongjing Yuansheng Display Technology Co., Ltd., and built a new display FPCA project factory in Chengdu

In September, it increased its capital and invested in Tianshui Huayang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., and obtained 6.98% of its shares

Non-public offering of shares to raise supporting funds of 1.2 billion yuan

Completed the acquisition of 100% equity of Yuansheng Electronics and supporting financing, and vigorously developed the FPC industry

Started the construction of a digital factory for the Zhuhai Fushan 5G communication electronic circuit project

Completed the acquisition of a controlling stake in Zhuhai Yuansheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Recognized as a doctoral workstation in Guangdong Province

Contract-abiding and credit-worthy enterprises in Guangdong Province

Ping An Enterprise in Zhongkai District, Huizhou City

Won the most socially responsible enterprise in the national electronic information industry

Recognized as a large-scale private enterprise of the National Federation of Industry and Commerce in 2017

Won the top 100 enterprises in China's electronic circuit industry in 2017

Recognized as a high-tech enterprise in Guangdong Province

Recognized as a contract-abiding and credit-worthy enterprise in Guangdong Province

Won the 2016 Gazelle Enterprise of Huizhou Zhongkai High-tech Industrial

Development Zone

Won the "Excellent National Brand Enterprise" in the 4th China Electronic Circuit Industry

Won the 2016 China Top 100 Listed Integrity Enterprises

Ranked among the top 20 listed companies in China's equipment manufacturing industry in 2016

Won the top 100 enterprises in China's printed circuit industry in 2016

Won the 2015 Gazelle Enterprise of Huizhou Zhongkai High-tech Industrial Development Zone

Recognized as a national post-doctoral research station

Won the 2015 National Electronic Information Industry Benchmarking Enterprise

Won the new PCB construction project and won the two-star green building design logo

Invested in Guangdong Leyuan Digital Technology Co., Ltd. and officially entered the field of wearable smart terminals

Recognized as Guangdong Province Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise

Recognized as Guangdong Enterprise Technology Center

Was rated as the third "Excellent National Brand Enterprise in China's Printed Circuit Industry"

The company moved to Zhongkai High-tech Zone as a whole, and the "New PCB Industry Project" was completed and put into production

Recognized as a key high-tech enterprise of the National Torch Plan

Recognized as Huizhou Municipal Enterprise Technology Center

Awarded the Top 100 Enterprises of China Printed Circuit Industry Association

Was rated as a famous brand product in Guangdong Province

"New PCB Industry Project" started construction

Won the third prize of Huizhou Science and Technology Progress Award

Recognized as an Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise in Huizhou City

Was rated as a taxpayer with tax credit rating A-level

Was rated as a famous product in Huizhou

The company’s shares are listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZ002579), and it is the first small and medium board listed company in Huizhou

Was rated as the fourth batch of innovative enterprises in Guangdong Province

"New PCB Industry Construction Project" was rated as one of the top 100 key projects of modern industries in Huizhou City

Recognized as the post-doctoral innovation practice base of Huizhou Zhongjing Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. of South China University of Technology

Won the title of Top 100 Enterprises in the 9th Printed Circuit Industry

Was rated as "A" credit rating enterprise of the customs

Was rated as a key engineering technology research and development center of Guangdong Province

First recognized as a national high-tech enterprise

Successfully carried out the overall shareholding system transformation and standardized operation

Acquired overall assets and established Huicheng branch to further expand the scale of production and sales

Was rated as a contract-honoring and trustworthy enterprise

Recognized as Huizhou Printed Circuit Board Engineering Technology Research and Development Center

For the first time, the strategic investor Guangdong Science and Technology Venture Capital Company was introduced

Was rated as "AA" credit rating for the first time by Huizhou Branch of China Construction Bank

A major breakthrough in the company's production and sales scale

Company formation and establishment

Huizhou China Eagle Electronic Technology InC. (stock code: 002579) was founded in 2000. Professional in R&D,production and sales of rigid circuit boards (PCB/HDI), flexible circuit boards (FPC),rigid-flexible combination circuit boards.
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