APQP By thoroughly understanding and assimilating customer needs, we design the product processing routes and methods in a comprehensive and systematic manner. We track and evaluate products through sample stages, trial production, and mass production, continuously refining and perfecting the production control plan throughout the process. This ensures that the products processed by the company comprehensively satisfy customer requirements.
PPAP The procedure determines whether all the requirements of the customer's engineering design records and specifications have been accurately understood, and whether the production process has the potential capability to meet customer requirements for the product at the specified production pace during the actual production process.
FMEA By analyzing the various potential failure modes and effects that may exist throughout the entire production process, determine specific methods to control each failure mode based on their circumstances. Track the effectiveness of these controls to ensure the stable improvement of product quality.
SPC By statistically analyzing process parameters in production and certain product characteristic parameters, and plotting them on control charts for observation, the trend of the graphs can be analyzed. Adjustments are made promptly upon detecting any abnormalities to ensure the stability of product quality.
MSA Through analyzing the stability, repeatability, and reproducibility of the measurement systems used for production control, an appropriate measurement and monitoring system is selected to ensure that the production process is fully controlled.
QCC Keep employee sane and enthusiastic, encourage them to proactively analyze problems on-site, develop improvement measures, and consolidate the results of improvement. Commend the proactive spirit of the employees and create a positive working atmosphere.
7S Implementing the 75 across the company, which includes sorting, setting in order, sweeping, sanitizing, self- discipline, safety, and saving. Establish a good working environment to ensure the smooth progress of production.
Continuous Improvement Based on the characteristics of the company, establish a continuous improvement plan for potential customers, and carry out various improvements in a timely manner.
Benchmaking Control We statistically analyze CEE's key data and compare it with the established targets, continually promote improvements within the company to achieve good product quality and timely delivery rates."
Information Security Policy Optimizing the information system, strengthening risk management, ensuring information security, and enhancing customer satisfaction.




  Huizhou China Eagle Electronic Technology Inc. maintains its industry leadership by endeavoring to source conflict-free minerals from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) where feasible. We are actively engaged in, and will continue to perform, due diligence within our supply chain to ensure the metals gold (Au), tantalum (Ta), tungsten (W), cobalt (Co), and tin (Sn) used in our products are 'DRC Conflict-Free.' This means these materials must not originate from mines in conflict areas of the DRC, nor be subject to illegal taxation along trade routes controlled by non-governmental military groups or unlawful military factions. We are vigilant in ensuring that our trade routes, including direct exports from the DRC and exports passing through Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi, Tanzania, and Kenya — which the U.N. Security Council has identified as key channels for globally exporting DRC-mined minerals — are verified as 'Conflict Free'.




Quality: Our Top Priority

We are committed to understanding our current quality levels, enhancing our quality systems, and implementing thorough quality management practices.

Customer Satisfaction Commitment:

We pledge to ensure customer satisfaction through the provision of products with reliable and verifiable quality, timely delivery, and exceptional service.

Sustainable Management:

We are dedicated to enhancing our operational environment, utilizing resources efficiently, increasing revenue while minimizing expenses, and maintaining cost-effectiveness. Our aim is to achieve greater satisfaction for both consumers and investors, ensuring the long-term sustainability of our operations.



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