Welfare Policy



  1. We strictly follow RBA guidelines, ensuring labor rights, employee health, environmental stewardship, ethical conduct, and regulatory compliance.
  2. Our operational schedule includes a two-day weekend and an eight-hour workday within a 40-hour work week, with on-time monthly wages and annual performance bonuses.
  3. We offer complimentary, well-equipped apartment-style dormitories with amenities like air conditioning, hot water, Wi-Fi, and private bathrooms.
  4. Employment begins with a signed labor contract, encompassing social insurance, housing funds, and various paid leaves, from annual to bereavement.
  5. We celebrate holidays with insurance benefits, birthday bonuses, gifts, and company-sponsored annual trips.
  6. Diverse activities and extensive vocational training provide ample opportunities for career advancement.
  7. Employees benefit from complimentary annual health check-ups and assistance with social security card processing.
  8. We provide air-conditioned bus service for daily commutes and a company cafeteria with meal subsidies and weekly specials.
  9. Our facility includes activity rooms for dance and yoga, a basketball court, and proximity to transit stations and shopping centers for convenience.


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