CEE Topsun
 Zhuhai China Eagle Topsun Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., a national high-tech enterprise, operates as a wholly owned subsidiary of Huizhou China Eagle Electronic Technology Inc (Stock Code: 002579). Specializing in the R&D, manufacturing, and sales of flexible printed circuit boards (FPC), rigid-flexible PCBs (R-F), and their SMT component assembly (FPCA), CEE Topsun is committed to excellence. We maintain our competitive edge in the FPC industry by prioritizing quality, reputation, customer-focused, and fostering long-term collaborations with academia and research institutions to bolster our Technology Center and enhance our capacity for innovation.
 Established in 2002, CEE Topsun underwent a significant technology upgrade in 2019-2020, incorporating world-class production equipment and adopting lean manufacturing principles. This has enabled us to achieve an impressive annual production capacity of 600,000 square meters of various FPCs and 220 million units of FPCA. Our commitment to continuous improvement and long-term investment has solidified our position as a leading brand in the FPC industry, allowing us to offer competitive products and services. CEE Topsun is also dedicated to social responsibility, constantly striving to contribute positively to society.