Service & Support



CEE takes quality assurance as its foundation, technology research and development as its engine, and meeting customer needs as its focus. With efficient, high-quality delivery as its mission, we pursue continuous improvement and strives for excellence.









CEE regards quality control as the cornerstone of business success, adhering to the quality management policy of 'Quality First, Customer Satisfaction, Sustainable Management,' and strictly follows the principles of TS16949 to ensure quality at every stage of product production.



CEE considers technology as the fundamental of its development, continuously enhancing its process capability and research and development level. Its process capability and R&D level have now reached an advanced standard within the domestic industry. CEE has been successively recognized as a key high-tech enterprise of the National Torch Plan, a provincial enterprise technology center  and engineering center of Guangdong Province, a Guangdong Province intellectual property advantage enterprise, an innovation practice base for post-doctorates from South China University of Technology, and a special staff work station, among other accolades.



CEE believes that the attitude towards customers can determine the height of the company's growth. From the moment a customer places an order, we acquire the absolute accuracy at each and every data.



Fully aware that quality is life and delivery time is a matter of credibility, CEE, through meticulous production, scientific management, advanced technology, and efficient service, strictly adheres to delivery schedules and has established a strong brand reputation in the industry.








Team Ability

Our sales team is comprised of experienced personnel, with dedicated teams for domestic and international clients. For our domestic market, we provide a professional butler-style service featuring “one point of contact and full-process follow-up,” ensuring a seamless commercial operation management.

Internationally, our sales staff are proficient in English, Japanese, Korean, and other languages, facilitating prompt and direct communication with our clients to ensure queries are addressed swiftly and satisfactorily. We guarantee a response to any question within 24 hours, exemplifying our commitment to customer satisfaction across all borders.





Efficient Team

Our team comprises professional developers with a sharp market acumen and a high-caliber technical R&D unit. We engage in regular dialogues with key customers to grasp their advanced technical needs, ensuring that the integration of services for both new and existing customers is conducted smoothly and efficiently.











Treating customers with integrity is the business philosophy of CEE. 

We deliver on schedule in accordance with customer requirements and 

strictly adhere to the terms of the contract.