Corporate Culture

Company Vision

Devoted to be the global leading supplier for PCB electronic information products and services


Enterprise Spirit

Reform, Innovate, Efficiency


Enterprise Values

Fairness and Justness, Integrity and Responsibility, People-oriented, Reform and Innovation




Take market as guidance   Take customer as priority   Take talent as capital   Take technology as core



  CEE is deeply committed to its core principles of fairness, justice, integrity, responsibility, and transformative innovation. The company takes its social responsibilities seriously, actively engaging in public welfare activities to fulfill its commitment to the community. Recognizing that our workforce is our greatest asset, CEE partners with universities to facilitate educational advancements for employees, providing regular training, coaching, and team-building events such as group travel and sports events. To foster a sense of community and well-being, we celebrate employee birthdays, host group activities, and offer leisure facilities like an activity room and a multifunctional hall featuring a cinema and karaoke.

Moreover, CEE champions personal growth, ensuring every individual’s development is intertwined with the company’s progress. We strive to provide both material and spiritual fulfillment, creating a nurturing environment reminiscent of home. With initiatives like the “Zhongjingren” public account, we promote transparency and open dialogue between management and staff.

At CEE, we don’t just offer a job; we offer a journey towards self-realization in a supportive, joyous, and employee-centric workplace.