CEE Earns Multiple Industry Awards, Innovative Service Quality Receives Universal Recognition from the Industry
15 APR, 2024
Good News!
With outstanding product innovation and exceptional quality, alongside strong and friendly relationships with numerous partners, CEE has earned hugecompany recognition and trust from industry peers last year.

Supplier Quality Recognition

RESIDEO, a global leader in home security solutions, maintains extremely strict quality control standards for its suppliers. Winning the "Supplier Quality Recognition" award signifies that CEE has reached an internationally advanced level in product quality control, meeting the ultimate standards of the global market.


Excellent Supplier

TD Tech, a well-known domestic provider of communication equipment and solutions, has awarded CEE the "Excellent Supplier" certification, which fully demonstrates CEE’sexcellent performance within the supply chain of telecommunications industry, and further confirming its influence and brand value in the sector.

Annual Strategic Partner

MobiWire, a renowned company specializing in the R&D, production, sales, and service of mobile communication devices and electronic products, has honored CEE with the "Annual Strategic Partner" award. This recognition is a full affirmation of the cooperation achievements in high-end sectors and highlights our strong capabilities and distinguished contributions in driving development and product innovation.

Excellent Strategic Partner

YaHam Optoelectronics, a high-tech enterprise specializing in high-end LED display systems and LED lighting projects, has named CEE as an "Excellent Strategic Partner." This recognition not only fully affirms CEE's diligent efforts in the field of green energy-saving technology but also reflects eager anticipation for its future collaborations in emerging technology areas.



Best Service Delivery & Support Award


Absen Optics and Electronics, a global leader in LED display solutions, has awarded CEE the "Best Delivery Support Award." This accolade highlights CEE's rapid responses and exceptional customer service performance, fully embodying companyphilosophy to customer satisfaction and the quality-oriented approach.



Best Quality Award


HIKVISION, a technology company dedicated to technical innovation, has been cultivating the security and smart IoT market for over two decades. By awarding CEE the "Best Quality Award," it acknowledges the highest level of recognition for CEE's product quality control and technological innovation.


The Best Partner of Year 2023



Since its establishment in 2006, Senao Networks, Inc. has always been dedicated to providing global partners with reliable and secure network communication and network security equipment R&D and manufacturing. Awarding Hong Kong CEEPCB Ltd the "Best Partner of the Year 2023" is a full acknowledgment of CEE's professionalism, innovation capacity, and service efficiency, as well as a high recognition of its market position in the related fields.


These prestigious awards are not only a full affirmation of CEE's products and services but also serve as a tremendous inspiration to all employees for their relentless effort and continuous improvement. Looking ahead, CEE will continue to uphold its corporate spirit of "Reform, Innovation, Efficiency," win the respect of the industry with quality, and establish a good reputation through service. We are eager to work hand in hand with every partner to create an even more brilliant and splendid future!