New Product R&D by Zhuhai CEE
14 MAR, 2024

We’re in an era of rapid technological advancement, where computing power infrastructure has become pivotal for the promotion of social improvement and economic development. In 2023, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, along with six other departments, jointly issued the "High-Quality Development Action Plan for Computing Power Infrastructure. Its aim is to advance China's computing power infrastructure with goals for 2025 focusing on the following areas; computing power, transport capacity, and storage capacity.

CEE PCB has proactively aligned with industry development policies; matching Zhuhai CEE’s strategic product direction with increased investment into R&D. This initiative has led to notable progress in several of its product developments.

1. GPU Acceleration Cards for AI Servers
AI servers are high-performance computers specifically designed to run artificial intelligence algorithms and process large volumes of data. In AI servers, the value of  (Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) has significantly increased. Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) acceleration cards are usually based on GPU chips and are equipped with large amounts of video memory and high-speed interfaces. These acceleration cards are typically separated expansion cards that are inserted into a computer's Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (PCIe) slots. They can be used to accelerate various computing tasks such as graphics processing, scientific computation, AI training, data mining, and big data analysis. Advanced GPU acceleration cards may use High Density Interconnect (5+N+5 HDI) to enhance computational performance and efficiency.

Zhuhai CEE has delivered an 18-layer AnyLayer HDI-PCB product for GPU acceleration cards, which has passed sample testing and certification, demonstrating our capability for mass production. This product utilizes high-speed materials and features X-shaped holes, any-layer interconnects, multiple pressings, golden fingers, POFV, low-light swelling and shrinkage, among other technological characteristics. It has also passed rigorous reliability tests.

2. Optical Modules for the AI Ecosystem
The training and inference of large AI models are heavily reliant on computational power and transport capabilities, making optical modules often referred to as “inverters of the AI era.” Additionally, the continuous launch of AI smart hardware is expected to introduce new application scenarios for Internet of Things (IoT) modules. Since 2023, the demand for traditional cloud computing and telecommunications have been under steady pressure domestically and internationally, while there has been a surge in AI-related demand overseas, providing a significant boost to the industry.

Zhuhai CEE can produce PCBs for 800G optical modules, which have passed customer sample tests and are now making strides towards mass production. This product is made from high-speed materials paired with ultra-low profile high-speed copper foil HVLP3, featuring segmented golden fingers, gold plating + selective gold plating process, low impedance tolerance, and ultra-low dimensional tolerance control among its technical characteristics.

3. IC Substrates for Storage Chips
As society progresses and technology advances, the demand for electronic products continues to grow. Among these products, those with lower power consumption, lighter weight, and superior performance are particularly favored. As a storage technology that boasts these advantages, flash memory has proven its immense appeal. Flash memory is a non-volatile storage technology primarily focused on reducing the storage cost per bit and increasing storage capacity, hence its widespread use in smartphones as a code storage medium. The future sales revenue of China's flash memory market is expected to maintain a minimum annual compound growth rate of over 15%, with the market size exceeding 300 billion yuan by 2026. A Flash Memory Card (FMC) uses flash memory technology to store electronic information and is generally used in small digital products such as digital cameras, smartphones, and tablets as a storage medium. FMC products include SD cards, CF cards, MMC cards, XD cards, etc.

CEE Semiconductor has delivered to our customers a 6-layer CF storage card IC substrate product, featuring ultra-thin core boards, laser-drilled X-shaped holes, ultra-fine circuits (18/18um), mSAP technology, and a combination of hard gold plating + soft gold plating + OSP processes. It also boasts low impedance tolerance and low dimensional tolerance. The product is currently being provided to customers for sample testing and certification.