CEE Eaglets are Thriving!|CEE 2023 Eaglet Trainees' Debriefing Meeting
3 FEB, 2024

Last August, CEE launched the Eaglets Training Camp program, which opened the door to the career of a group of energetic and potential young talents. Time flies, let's begin to share what their learned and experienced in the past six months.

Manager Song, the HR Manager of Zhuhai CEE, introduced in detail the training process of the management trainees, including selection, training, practice and evaluation, and introduced the specific contents and objectives of the next stage of training. It was encouraging and motivating!

19 trainees took the stage and presented their individual report. Each eaglet elaborated their learning achievements, challenges and future  plans during the training period, showing that they are taking big strides and growing during the 6-month training period.

Three outstanding trainees were selected and awarded by General Manager Zeng Rui.

CEO Tom Yang summarized the trainees' debriefing, and he firstly appreciated the efforts and progress of all the trainees. He said that PCB is the foundation of the entire electronic information industry, with rapid technology turnover and high demand for innovation ability, which requires many years of accumulation and hard work to be outstanding. He emphasized that details determine one's success, and suggested that all the trainees continue to accumulate experience and make a career plan for the future, think about what kind of person they want to be in the future, and work hard towards the direction.

Tom has great expectations for the future development of each trainee, he encouraged the trainees to continue to improve their professional ability and comprehensive quality, to play a greater role in the future work, and make sustainable contributions to the development of the company, and at the same time, he wished you all the best in your future careers.

The end of the debriefing marks the beginning of a brand new stage. We expect every participant to uphold the spirit of hard work at CEE, to continue to refine, grow, master and contribute to themselves. Let's reach up high and run to a bright future together!